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Wide offer for the warehouse industry. The role of racks in the ergonomics of warehouse operation.

In the era of the rapid growth of the e-commerce market and the resulting growing demand for warehouse space, the effective use of this space is gaining importance. A good selection of a shelving system is an important element of building and equipping a warehouse, which will directly contribute to improving work efficiency and maximum usability of the available space.
The PJP Makrum Industrial Group offers comprehensive services for the warehouse industry: from the construction of turnkey warehouse facility, through the supply of loading systems, to equipment with forklifts, other handling equipment and storage racks - an element to which apparently no greater attention is paid, but it should be! Racks are not only an indispensable piece of equipment for storing goods, but also a tool for optimizing the costs of logistics processes. A well-designed storage system allows you to reduce storage costs resulting from the required storage space, access time and transport of goods, as well as possible repairs and inspections of racks. Statically or dynamically in stock Static racks are fixed structures that are attached to the ground or walls to increase their stability. Their movement is impossible, therefore it is necessary to provide adequate spaces and corridors enabling access to their convenient operation. Due to the method of storage, we distinguish among them shelf racks (the most traditional type equipped with standard shelves), pallet racks (on which we place ready-made pallets with products) and cantilever racks (they have brackets instead of shelves, so they are best suited for storing longitudinal elements, e.g. profiles, boards, etc.).
The dynamic shelving systems, thanks to their mobility, make it possible to use the entire volume of the warehouse. They allow for the elimination of transport corridors, increasing the storage space. They use running elements that enable the rack to be moved along the ground or relative to each other, by means of rails, wheels or rollers. They work best in places where surface maintenance costs are high or where quick access to the load is not important. Promstahl and Promlift comprehensively for the industry The Promstahl company is an experienced manufacturer of loading systems, sold not only on the domestic market, but also successfully on foreign markets. Promsthal also specializes in the sale of front and electric warehouse forklifts of recognized global brands and under its own brand Promlift. The perfect complement to this offer are storage racks and storage accessories, such as, for example, small transport trolleys, plastic pallets and industrial containers. Promlift specialists are able to choose, on individual inquiries, both simple shelf and pallet racks, but also more complex storage systems targeted at various industrial sectors, e.g. freezer warehouses, warehouses for food, industrial and other production. Following the latest trends in warehouse logistics, we can individually select and configure a modern warehouse for the client's needs. Cooperation with the best suppliers of shelving systems on the market gives you a lot of freedom in choosing the right solutions. Warehouse systems, along with material handling in the form of trolleys, perfectly complement each other in the comprehensive offer, making PJP Makrum and its companies the best choice for the warehouse industry.