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Equipment in high storage halls

The operation of the warehouse, regardless of its size and capacity, should be supported by special devices in order to maintain adequate efficiency. The basis is usually a forklift - a material handling device that enables efficient and safe transport of loads. However, the higher the room, additionally with a large area, the greater the need for devices that facilitate work. What equipment is important for the efficient operation of large-scale warehouses?

What is a high bay warehouse?

The high-bay warehouse does not have an official definition. In the literature a high bay warehouse is a warehouse where the minimum height at which we store materials is greater than 7.2 meters.

Technical equipment

In the halls with the use of a high storage system, it is necessary to implement appropriate technical equipment. The following solutions, which perfectly complement each other, allow for more efficient storage and warehousing of products: - Static racks and a system of dynamic racks, the elements of which move in the process of storing the load by means of rails, wheels or rollers. - Reach carts for the implementation of logistic processes at a height of more than 13 meters. - Storage conveyors to automate the flow of materials, incl. from the storage area to the high-bay warehouse. 

Lift trucks

A forklift designed for high-intensity work is ideal - for example, the PROMLIFT PRS16-45. It is an excellent choice for longer distances in the warehouse. It is distinguished by a free-lift triplex mast. In addition, the AC technology allows for achieving good coefficients, making it possible to work quickly and safely. The trolley will work even in the most difficult storage conditions.
The PJP Makrum S.A. Industrial Group, to which the Promlift brand belongs, offers comprehensive products and services for the warehouse industry. In addition to custom-made storage racks, these are services in the field of general contracting of turnkey warehouses, equipping them with reloading systems, gates, ramps and reloading technology accessories, as well as a wide range of forklifts.