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Electric and diesel forklifts from PROMLIFT

Promlift has several years of experience in the industry, and joining the PJP Makrum Industrial Group in February this year, allowed the company to take even greater momentum in action. The company's production plant is located in Koronowo, where the modern PJP Makrum infrastructure is used. Production, service and a spare parts store are carried out in the renovated hall. On site, you can also get professional help in choosing the right equipment.
Promlift not only distributes forklifts from renowned manufacturers such as Toyota, but also offers products under its own brand. - Promlift trucks will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers - says Jan Borodo from Promlift. - We offer trolleys intended primarily for working inside warehouses. The leading products of our brand are pallet trucks guided by a drawbar, for horizontal transport and pallet trucks guided with a mast - he adds.

Not only "forklifts"

Very often, a failure of one of the parts completely prevents the truck from working. Access to diagnostic programs and numerous spare parts catalogs make Promlift one of the most attractive suppliers. The choice can be made in person by visiting the store at the PJP Makrum plant in Koronowo or just contacting us. The popular "forklifts" are only part of the Promlift offer. There is also a wide range of equipment for the storage of goods in the warehouse. Depending on the material, we can use pallet racks, cantilever racks and shelf racks. With high warehouses, storage mezzanines will work well, creating additional storage space.